In past articles, I have written about the importance of gender equality as well as the true definition of feminism, which is as follows:

The doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.

While the execution of actually solidifying this concept in modern society has proved to be surprisingly difficult, the actual concept is simple – fair and equal treatment of all people regardless of whether or not they are a man or a woman. This includes equal pay for equal work, as well as many other issues.

Over time, the movement has gained a false reputation because of some people who took it to the extreme. People who turned the concept of feminism into ‘man-hating,’ or perpetuated the idea that men need to be torn down in one way or another in order for women to become equal, which is simply not the case. Equality is just that – equality. All ships rise with the tide, as they say.

To ‘bash’ or ‘hate’ a group in order to elevate your own group not only defeats the entire purpose of trying to achieve equality, but it divides people far more than it unites them. We start seeing an Us vs. Them mentality, when the concept here is about bringing people together to achieve a common goal.

For this reason, I am glad to see Emma Watson and others start the #HeForShe campaign (you can watch her UN speech here), which encourages more men to stand for gender equality and redeem the reputation of feminism and support what it actually stands for.

Gentlemen, join me in supporting this cause by clicking here and submitting your name and email address.

Men of quality do not fear equality.


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